Meitu vs Xingtu

Meitu vs Xingtu | Which is Better Photo Editor

In today’s digital time, photo editing apps become important tools for anyone, who is looking to enhance their photos before sharing them on social media platforms or using them for professional purposes. For this purpose we bring you a long awaited comparison Meitu vs Xingtu In this editing field, the two most famous apps are Meitu and Xingtu. Both apps offer many advanced features that make your photos beautiful and different, but both apps have slightly different needs and preferences. In this article, we will show you a detailed comparison of Meitu and Xingtu, helping you decide which app best suits your editing requirements. Let’s look at Meitu vs Xingtu in detail.

Meitu vs Xingtu

Significance difference between Meitu vs Xingtu

Market shareHigh market share and has a large number of audienceFocused on influencer development
FocusTo produce beauty contentTo support influencers and make it a priority
ChallengesAdapting to new tech, enhancing business valueEnsuring user satisfaction, and balancing short live videos.

Overview About Meitu

Meitu is a photo editing app that was launched in 2008 in China. Meitu is known for its advanced features and artistic filters. It became a favourite among people who want to edit their selfies and portraits and give them creative effects.

Overview About Xingtu

Xingtu is another best alternative app for Meitu, and it was developed in China. Xingtu is famous among people for its realistic filters, retouching, and a large number of editing tools. It is not as popular globally as Meitu, but it produces professional-quality photo editing.

Basic information about the Xingtu app

DeveloperBeijing Yanxuan Technology Co, Ltd
Launch date2020
Platform availabilityiOS, Android
CategoryPhoto, & videography
LanguageChinese, others are growing
RatingHighly rated
DownloadGoogle Play & App Store
Target audiencePhotographers, content creators, social media users
User interfaceprofessional,& user friendly
Unique selling pointsProfessional editing, sophisticated filters,
Primary featuresRealistic and advanced filters, AI-based, collage maker
WebsiteXingtu official site

Meitu vs Xingtu comparison

User interface & experience of Meitu vs Xingtu

Meitu UI is simple and easy. When you open the app, a screen will be showing in front of you, with many options to take a live picture or choose from the gallery for edit. For editing purposes, Meitu has many advanced features for editing your pictures and taking them to the next level.

The interface of the Xingtu app is user-friendly and has a straightforward layout like other editing apps. Its editing features are sleekly organised at the bottom of the screen.

InterfaceUser-friendly, intuitive designProfessional interface
Learning curveMinimal curve, easy for beginnersSlightly advanced features
NavigationClean and straightforwardOrganised with powerful tools


Usability determines how effectively users accomplish a given task with your product. Here, we will examine the usability of Meitu and Xingtu.

Interface design

Meitu has a user-friendly and intuitive design with minimal curves and is easy for beginners.

Layout: The Meitu layout is straightforward and clear with labelled icons of the menu. These icons guide the users through various editing options.

Visual Appeal: The visual look of the interface is good, with a soft colour, that enhances the user experience. Interface design of Xingtu has advanced tools, looking a high quality editing features.

Layout: It’s layout is well organized, in a professional way.

Visual Appeal: the visual look of Xingtu is stylish and modern.

Ease of use

The Meitu app increases the ease of users with many automated features. However,  Xingtu provides a user-friendly interface with advanced tools that may require some learning before use.


Both apps are easily accessible and designed so that users can easily find them and use the app’s features easily. The Meitu app supports more languages than Xingtu, making it more accessible around the world.

Tip: Choose Meitu if you are a beginner, but if you are a professional in editing, go with Xingtu.

Editing options

The Meitu app has numerous editing options for photo and video editing. It has simple to advanced editing tools like brushes, stickers, makeup tools, body shaping tools, and some artistic effects to edit your selfie or portrait. Meitu more focus on face beautification with its advanced tools.

Xingtu app also has advanced tools such as filters, colour adjustment, brightness control, saturation, contrast, sharpness, cropping and resizing tools.

FiltersExtensive library of filtersRealistic filters
Beauty enhancementAdvanced toolsEffective retouching tools
Retouching toolsAdvanced toolsAdvanced tools
StickersWide varietyHigh quality
Collage and templateNumerousArtistic collage
AI featuresAI-based editingAI-based editing with realistic effects

Pros and cons of Meitu vs Xingtu

Pros and cons of Meitu

User-friendly interfaceLimited advanced features
Advanced AI-technology basedapp-purchase
Extensive filtersPrivacy concern
Retouching enhancementLimited Video editing features
A large number of editing tools 

Pros and cons of Xingtu

Advanced editing toolsLearning curve
Realistic filtersAvailable in china
Modern interfaceApp purchase
Advanced retouching toolsPrivacy concern
Collage makerLanguage issue

Final Words

Both apps, Meitu and Xengtu are the best photo editing apps with unique and powerful features. Meitu’s main focus is on selfie editing with retouching tools. However, Xengtu app also has advanced features for photo editing. So both options are good, you can go with your taste and editing requirements.

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Yes, this app is safe.

The Meitu app is the most widely used in China.

Both apps have video editing features but professionally both apps are photo editing.

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