meitu vs snow detailed comparison

Meitu vs Snow

In today’s social media culture, Photo editing has become an important part where numerous apps help users to enhance their video quality or image look and presentation.  Meitu and Snow’s apps have their separate place among numerous editing apps for their unique features and capabilities. In this article, I will show you a detailed comparison of Meitu vs Snow, hoping it will help you choose the right one.

Overview of Meitu vs Snow


Meitu Inc. developed Meitu orientation in China and launched in 2013. Meitu is a photo editing app known for its many editing tools and filters. Meitu has become popular among users due to its powerful editing features.


The snow app was developed by Snow Corporation, a major South Korean internet company whose main purpose is to focus on mobile camera and photo editing apps through Naver. It was launched in 2015. Snow is a high photo editing app, especially in Asian countries. Snow offers a wide range of filters, stickers and AR effects that provide a creative touch in their photos and videos.

Brief information Meitu vs Snow

Platform availabilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
DeveloperMeitu, IncSnow corporation
Launch dateOctober 2013September 2015
User interfaceFeature-rich, customizableCreative, intuitive
Primary focusAdvanced editingFun, creative editing
Retouching toolsAdvancedBasics
FiltersExtensive variety of filtersWide range of creative filters
Editing toolsComprehensiveVersatile
Collage makerYesNo
AR effectYesExtensive AR Effects
AI technologyAdvanced AI featuresAI-driven filters
TemplateVarious templatesDynamic template
PerformanceRequire  powerful devicePerform well on all types of devices
Advertisementfree version contains adsFree version with in-app purchase
Ease of useComplexUser-friendly
Sharing optionsStandardSeamless social media sharing
Target audienceProfessionalFun, creative content
Subscriptionfree/paidFree with in-app purchase
meitu vs snow detailed comparison

Key features

Now we will talk about the key features of both apps in order to make a fair comparison and justifiable decision about the winner

Beautification Filters and Effects

Meitu offers advanced beautification tools, and these tools are the reason that it become a popular editing app among users. These tools are used to make smooth the skin, brighten the eyes, reshape the body, and control appearance.

The Meitu app also has a wide variety of filters that change the mood and style of the photo. The sticker’s addition made a dramatic change in editing the image. Snow editing tools include many tools that enhance facial features naturally. It offers a diverse range of fun filters and effects. Snow has limited tools but an extensive library of effects and stickers. Users can apply these filters to photos and videos


Meitu interface is famous for its sleek and intuitiveness, a well-organized large collection of tools for editing images. This user-friendly interface is easily navigable and well-suitable for beginners and experienced users.

Snow interface is a simple but effective layout with minimal design and a sleek appearance. It has many editing options.

Editing tools

Meitu and Snow’s apps have comprehensive and versatile editing tools allowing users to crop, rotate, resize, color adjust, and use brightness control contrast correction for precise modifications.


The usability of Meitu is more convenient with fewer requirements. This app provides multiple features and options to edit our images uniquely. This app is AI-based, so users do not need to put more effort into editing an image. With just a few taps, your image becomes your desired look.

Snow usability is also good but not as Meitu because Meitu has an extensive range of filters and effects and more options for editing. You should try both apps and use them with ease.

Pros and Cons of Meitu vs Snow

Pros and cons of Meitu

User friendlyComplexity
Extensive featuresData security
Creative toolsperformance

Pros and cons of Snow

SimplicityLimited tools
Easy of useBasic editing
Social sharingAdvertisement
Dynamic content 


I have provided you with all the important information about Meitu and Snow apps, and both perform well. Meitu Mod Apk is the best option if you are thinking about a photo editing app with many tools. If you are a beginner and do not understand the editing features, then Snow is the best option for you. So choose anyone or both according to your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Snow app is suitable for beginners.

The Meitu app supports professional photo editing due to its extensive tools and features.

Both apps offer a free version.

Yes, Both apps have subscription plans.

Snow is best for social media content creation.

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