Meitu vs Capcut image representation

Meitu vs Capcut

Many apps come to mind when we talk about photo and video editing. Choosing the right one is a bit confusing because so many options are available for photo and videography. Meitu and Capcut are different editing apps with distinct features and capabilities. Both apps are mobile-focused editing tools for showing your creativity skills.

Both software offer multiple features and tools for editing photographs, but which one is best for our needs? In this article, we will see Meitu vs Capcut and help you choose a better one.

Meitu Overview

Meitu is a photo editing app that is famous among millions of people in the world for its powerful editing features. It offers a wide variety of retouching tools, filters, and creating artistic images. Meitu is also well known for its AI technology, which is used in image beauty enhancement. It has a large collection of of filters and effects to make your photos gorgeous.

Capcut Overview

Capcut is a video editing software, particularly used among content creators and tiktokers for video editing. Capcut is design is user-friendly. It has a variety of features for video trimming, cutting, adding music, and applying effects. It is a favorite app for content creators to produce high-quality videos on their mobiles.

Meitu vs Capcut Detailed Comparison

We are going to compare Meitu and Canva in form of tables for better view and comparison.

Photo editing capabilities

FiltersExtensive library of filtersAn essential selection of filters
Beauty enhancementAdvance AI-technological toolsBasic photo enhancement
Retouching toolsSpots removal, skin smoothing and moreLimit to basic adjustment
Stickers and textWide varietyPrimarily focused on video
CollageNumerous collage framesMinimal
TemplatesNumerous template stylesMinimal template styles

Video editing capabilities

Video filtersBasicExtensive
Trimming & cutting toolsBasicAdvance
Music & sound effectsLimitedWide library of music
TransitionBasicWide Range
Text and stickersBasicAdvance
Text and stickersLimitedAdvance

User interface and User Experience

Ease of useUser-friendlySimple & intuitive
Learning curveMinimalSlightly steeper to more advanced
NavigationClean & straightforwardOrganized but feature-rich

Performance and Compatibility

Platform availabilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Export qualityHigh qualityHigh quality
File sizeEfficient, does not consume enough storageCan generate files file, depending on the quality

Photo and video editing tools

Meitu has many advanced tools, such as smoothing, blemish removal, makeup effects, etc. These tools enhance your photo and video features.

Capcut is not a picture-editing app but a video-editing app. The user can flip the photo, add effects, and change color contrast in picture editing.

Both apps are good, but it depends on what you choose. However, Capcut does not provide photo editing services quickly and efficiently as Meitu.

App availability

Meitu and Capcut are both mobile friendly apps  They are free apps and a solution for video creatorsin creating a beautiful video. It is important to edit videos quickly and save time. Meitu is also availible for


Meitu and Capcut are well-known tools that serve different communities in digital editing. Both perform different roles according to their specifications. Meitu has numerous editing tools that enhance the beauty of your actual photo with the help of advanced tools and AI technology.

Capcut is a powerful mobile video editing app that has gained popularity mainly among video editing users. Its specialties include video editing, and it offers to trim clips and add transitions, text, and sound effects to your video. These tools and features allow users to enhance their content with the help of AI and produce professional-looking films. So, for those interested in video editing, Capcut is the best option and is always ready to serve you.

Effects and filters of Meitu and Capcut

Meitu has many filters to make your photo stunning and beautiful. By using these filters and effects, Users can change the color of image and alsocreate artistic effects.

Capcut’s primary focus is video editing, but it also has many filters and effects, which you can add to your video that match your tone and sticker arrangement. The app offers many styles and automation features that help create engaging content.

Both apps have many filters and effects to enhance creativity, but it depends on which one you use for editing.

Layering options in Meitu and Capcut

Layer refers to a level within editing where you can work on a specific part or element without affecting the rest of the image or video. The Meitu editing app has a layering option, but learning Capcut is more advanced. In video editing, the Capcut layering technique adds text, titles, subtitles, and graphics to enhance the video’s animation.

Capcut is the best option for layering as compared to Meitu.

Pricing and revenue model

Capcut takes different approaches to pricing. For premium features, users have two subscription options: monthly or yearly. The monthly subscription costs $7.99, and the annual plan is $54.99.

For Meitu, the yearly plan is $31.49. But you can use paid version of Meitu for free. Download Meitu Modex Apk now.

You can also try Beautycam a product of Meitu. Find out which is the best Meitu vs Beautycam

Difference between Meitu and Capcut

Both apps were released in China: Meitu in 2008 by Xinhond Wu and Cai Wensheng and Capcut made by Chinese company ByteDance in 2019 by LianShenzhen Meng Technology. Both are used for editing purposes, but they perform differently and have specifications for different items. Meitu is best for photo editing, while Capcut is best for video editing. Capcut is the best tool for professionals who want to create top-level content without wasting time. Both apps have several filters and tools used to beautify videos and images to unleash user creativity skills.

DeveloperByte Dance( Chinese Company)
SourceGoogle Play store
Meitu vs Capcut image representation

Pros and cons of Capcut

  • Free to use.
  • Music integration.
  • Autosave project.
  • Template.
  • Text adding features.
  • Numerous filters and effects.
  • Animation feature to add flayer in clips.
  • Struggle with larger video.
  • Premium features supported on iOS and Android.
  • Ads and watermark.

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The best free video editor for Android is Capcut.

Yes, it’s safe, and we tried it.

Yes, both apps support Android devices and are easy to use.

Meitu is primarily for photo editing, but this app has video editing features.

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