Download Meitu For iOS – Step by Step Guide

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Download Meitu App for iOS

App NameMeitu
App Size164 Mb
Mod FeaturesPremium Unlocked, No Ads
CategoryApps, photos, and video
Android RequiredAndroid 7 or Up
PublisherMeitu (china) limited
Last UpdatedFew Hours Ago

Enhance your photo editing skills with Meitu for iOS, the ultimate photo and video editing app designed to polish your editing creativity easily. It transforms raw images into stunning masterpieces with various filters, effects, editing tools, and AI technology. It does not matter whether you are a professional photographer or just love snapping to take photos; Meitu has everything that you need to take your photos to the next level. join millions of users globally and download this Meitu for iOS app to uncover your aesthetic editing potential. 

Details about Meitu App

Take all your photos to the next level with Meitu VIP MOD APK, available for iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads. You can easily download it on your iOS device through the App Store. This app has numerous unlocked premium features, and you can explore them quickly, such as graphics, pre-designed templates, and advanced tools to enhance photo beauty and unleash your creativity. Download this app and show it all creativity empowerment by using all these tools.

Meitu For iOS Features

Meitu for iOS has almost 200 filters and other tools to apply to their images. You can make your photos most beautiful on iOS devices by using all these advanced features, especially with editing features like AI technology. With extraordinary effort, you can take your photo to the next level in just a few taps. It can change an ordinary raw image into a vivid, vibrant one full of life. Meitu is also availible for Macbook Download meitu on Macbook Now!

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Stylish Brush

For iOS, the Meitu premium version has one more unique feature: stylish brushes. These brushes, which come in different sizes and shapes, add an artistic touch to your photos, making them unique and stunning.

Remove Blemishes & Wrinkle

Meitu has tools that remove acne spots, scars, etc., from the skin and make it crystal clear in just a few taps. These tools also smooth the skin by eliminating wrinkles and transforming your pictures from aged to young.

Repair image quality

The Meitu app has another unique feature it repairs image quality and resolution using AI technology. Blurriness is easily removed, and other faded effects are changed into transparent quality.

AI Art generator

Meitu is an AI-based app that, using AI technologies, changes your real image into a creative form, such as an anime look, oil painting, comic book style, or cartoon effects.

Eye-catchy frames

The Meitu Moded app on iOS has excellent and hip frame features. These pre-made frames make editing easy, and you can customize them to fit your photo’s look and vibes. The frames are different sizes and have other borders to give photos a unique and professional look. These frames are an exceptional tool of the Meitu app that adds an extra touch of creativity to pictures in a few seconds. Enjoy these features on big screen with Meitu Mod Apk for pc.

Mosaic filters for portrait

For iOS, mosaic filters are great tools for photo editing. They allow you to create different artistic styles by using mosaic patterns in specific areas of photos. Users can adjust the intensity according to their choice to achieve the desired look.

Add blurriness

 Another unique feature of Meitu MOD PRO APK is adding blurriness to your images to create mystery or enhance the depth of photos. This feature is essential for highlighting the image subject by adding blurriness in different areas and creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Body editing features

Meitu MOD APK provides multiple features and advanced tools to beautify images. Suppose you want to change your skin tone. In that case, you can easily do so by using Meitu’s advanced body-changing features, such as smooth skin, no acne, not even dark, whitening the whole body, enlarging eyes, removing dark circles around eyes, making plumpy juice lips, making your body taller, shorter, muscular, and slimmer. Everything you can do is possible using advanced features offered by this Meitu app and AI technology.

How do you download Meitu MOD APK for iPhone?

If you are looking for the most natural photo editing app, no app is better than Meitu MOD iOS. It will make your photos stunning and alive, build confidence, and make your social networking sites elegant. Follow these steps to download and install Meitu MOD for your iOS.

  • Open Appstore.
  • Click on search bar and search “Meitu”.
  • Click on 1st official app of Meitu.
  • Press Download.
  • Allow downloading.
  • wait for Downloading.
  • Open App.
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Meitu System Requirements for Apple iOS

Minimum RequirementsRecommended
Operating system, 13.0 or higherOperating Window system 8.0 OR higher required
Storage 300 MBStorage 800 MB
Device iPhone 5sDevice iPhone 7 or above

Whats New in Meitu v10.9.3?

Following are the new things added in meitu v10.9.3

  • AI Art [ Clay Filter ].
  • Skin Tone [ Skin Tone Unification ].
  • Light Correction [ No More Bad Light Condition ]


Meitu shows all its magical results not only on Android devices but also on iOS. It beautifies our photos with various filters, effects, retouching tools, and creative features like mosaics, collages, frames, text, and stickers. Using the Meitu MOD APK, you can take your photos to the next level on iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, it’s entirely free for iOS devices. The MOD version offers all premium features free of cost.

Yes, it’s possible because Meitu MOD APK has all the advanced tools that can change the overall look of your body, make it brighter, and change your body shape from muscular to slimmer, according to your choice.

Yes, it’s safe and available in the app store.

Yes. The Meitu app uses AI technology to make editing work easy and magical.

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