Meitu vs Canva graphic representation

Meitu vs Canva which is Better

Having the right tools in your control can make all the difference in digital design. As editors, we wish to have unlimited tools for creating designs. We use Meitu and Canva software to make our work easy and unique. Of course, both are different so we will compare Meitu vs Canva in this article.

About Meitu

Meitu is a Chinese development that was founded in 2008 in Xiamene and developed by Wu Xinhong. Its first mobile version was released in 2013. Meitu recovers dull photos and gives them a vibrant look with numerous filters, effects, music, magic effects, collage templates, and body reshaping options. It also edits pictures and videos and optimises them.

About Canva

Canva was founded in 2012 and developed by Melanie Perkins. It allows users to use simple to advanced editing and graphic design features. Canva is a web-based platform that creates various social media content, graphics, layers, posters, invitations, presentations, and more. It has many templates, pictures, icons, fonts, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Meitu vs Canva graphic representation

Meitu vs Canva Overview

CategoryPhoto & video editing appGraphic designing & editing software
Main FeaturesVariety of tools for retouchingLimited tools for retouching
TemplatesBasic templatesNumerous designs in different sizes
UsageBest for individual useBest for teamwork
PortraitBeautify portraitCustomise templates
EffectsFilters, effects and editing toolsSocial media purpose
BeautyMakeup & beauty enhancementExtensive library of graphics
CollagesCollage makerPhotos editing and illustration
DesignsStickersCustomise design elements
EnhancingBody retouchingCollaboration features
SharingSocial media sharingPrinting option
DeveloperMeitu (China)Canva ( Australia)
PlatformiOS, AndroidWeb, iOS, Android
Table Showing Meitu and Canva information


Meitu vs Canva are well-known digital editing software, but they perform functions in different ways and have different numbers of audiences. Meitu is specifically for photo and video editing and adds retouching with other tools and a wide range of simple to advanced features like filters, effects, and makeup touches to make the picture clear, unique, and beautiful.

Canva is also an editing software, but it is preferable for simple editing to advanced graphic designing, mega projects, business presentations and slides, education work, and non-profit organisations. Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for teamwork or group projects.

Features Which Make them Unique

There are number of features which make both of them unique and best choice according to the work and need of a designer. still i would like to mention some points which make them unique and worth it.

UI (User Interface)

The Meitu app is designed for smartphones, so it has an easy and user-friendly interface featuring a vibrant colour scheme layout. Its interface is so simple that when you open the app, all tools will show you in a proper grid layout, so whether you want to take a shot or select a picture or video from the gallery to edit.

Canva’s interface is designed to be user-friendly. It has several menu items on the left side of the screen, such as designs, elements, text, and uploading from folders. All these menu items are easy to use and have very simple to advanced features that help in editing and graphic design professionally.

UX (User Experience)

This is for those who want to have fun or play with editing and learn the basics. User experience includes a wide choice of editing filters and beautifying tools, easily accessible to those with zero experience in editing. The app layout is designed to be user-friendly, with clean menu options guiding users through the editing process in a unique way.

Canva offers a simple interface that makes designing accessible to users of all skill levels. Its user-friendly interface allows users to edit or design effortlessly. Canva’s collaboration features to enhance its usability and enable users to work together in a team. Canva is a valuable tool and a small business where you can edit or make graphics for websites, infographics, videos, and ads and earn good revenue.

Winner: Canva is a winner because it has a quick and easy way to design a professional look.

Filters and Effects

The Meitu app has 200 + filters and effects to edit a photo and make it beautiful. Meitu offers beauty filters (which make skin smooth, whiten teeth, enlarge eyes and make facial features more polished). Artistic filters add a creative touch to photos, such as painting, sketching, and comic book style. Colour filters adjust the tone and saturation to create various moods according to the vibe. Additionally, meitu has stickers, frames, borders and beauty effects, giving users unlimited options to customise their photos and create unique images.

Canva offers a versatile array of filters and effects to enhance photo design. It provides a range of customisable photo filters that users can apply to adjust their tone, colour, and mood. Its background removal tool easily removes the background of an image, which is handy for graphics. Canvas blur effects allow users to apply duotone effects.

Winner: The Meitu is a winner as it has numerous 200-plus filters for retouching and portrait editing.

App Availability

Meitu is available as a mobile app for Android and Meitu for iOS devices. It can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. Its comprehensive downloads show user trust and its broader base. Meitu for Macbook is also availible.

Canva is available on Android, iOS, and the web. Its user-friendly design capabilities make it accessible on many platforms.

Winner: Both are available on the same platforms.

Editing Tools

Meitu offers a comprehensive set of editing tools to enhance the editing and beautification of photos. These editing tools make the visuals stimulating. Meitu has numerous tools:

  • Beauty tools
  • Filters
  • Retouching
  • Stickers
  • Texts
  • Collage maker

Beauty tool

This tool allows users to enhance the appearance of a photo. It includes many functions, such as smoothing skin, spot removal, brightening skin tone, whitening teeth, enlarging eyes, and even reshaping facial features.


This tool provides a wide range of filters to transform from classy to vibrant. These filter tools include artistic touches, oil painting, sketching, and comic book styles to add personal styles to your image.

Retouching tools

beautify the image by adding smooth tone, brightness, saturation, contrast, and sharpness in detail.


Meitu has many stickers and emojis. In the social media age, stickers enhance engagement on stories or post boosts. They grab users’ attention and make them insist on staying because of their attractive looks.


Meitu text allows users to add text in different fonts and styles to create eye-catching captions and quotes.

Collage Maker

In the Meitu app, there is also a collage maker tool which allows users to add multiple photos in a single frame layout.

Besides it, Canva has a different range of editing tools to create professional-looking designs easily. Canva editing tools provide users with a wide editing kit for creating various designs, social media graphics, presentations, and marketing material. Canva allows the users to customize  features to make them accessible to all skill levels.

Winner: Meitu is the winner as it is a decent option for newcomers. Canva is also a better option for professionals.

Pricing Meitu vs Canva

Meitu is available in free and subscription plans. It  yearly cost is $31. 49, while Canva’s annual fee is $54.99. Both are good choices according to the needs and features they are provided. Meitu is a good option if you want to do something other than professional graphic design.

(Tip) Meitu MOD APK is a free app with unlimited editing tools and features. If you cannot afford a yearly plan, the MOD APK version is a better option for you. Download it and enjoy all the features for free. You can also use Meitu on Pc.

For the best of knowledge i have also made comparison of Meitu vs Capcut. Find out the best app.

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