meitu vs beautycam image representation

Meitu vs BeautyCam

In the era of social media and digital presence, photo and video editing apps have become essential for users looking to enhance their images. Among the popular choices, Meitu and Beauty Cam are two powerful applications that transform an ordinary photo into stunning looks. Both apps have similar purposes for enhancing the pictures, but they have some differences, too. In this article, we provide a detailed comparison of Meitu vs BeautyCam, their features, user interface, editing capabilities and overall user experience

FeaturesMeituBeauty Cam
Platform availabilityiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
DeveloperMeitu, IncXiamen Meitu Technology Co, Ltd
Launch date20132018
User interfaceFeature-rich, customizable, sleek, and clean layoutVibrant, dynamic real-time editing.
Main FeaturesBeauty enhancement & filters, AR effects, collage, animated stickersReal-time beauty effects, AI-driven makeup tools, themes, and live stickers.
Filters & effectsClassic, artistic and seasonal effectsBeauty filters, themes, live stickers
Editing toolsSkin smoothing, blemish removal, teeth whitening, facial reshaping, crop, rotate adjust, brightness, contrast and saturation.Real-time beauty filters, AI makeup, themes, filters, and one-tap enhancement.
Collage MakerYesNo
AR & AI effectsAI beautification, AR stickers, AI portraitAI beauty analysis, AR makeup, AR filters
Social SharingDirect sharing to social media, Meitu communityInstant sharing to social media. Collaboration features
Pricing Free / paidFree / paid
Security and privacyImproved data protection policiesstrong focus on protecting user information
User ReviewPraised for editing and artistic reviewPraised for real-time editing and user-friendly interface
meitu vs beautycam image representation


Meitu’s orientation is from China, a diverse photo editing app that has gained widespread popularity due to its many beautification tools and filters. It is designed for mobile apps.


Beauty cam is much better for video and photo editing. It has advanced editing tools, a user-friendly interface and AI technology that is helpful for both more prominent and professional photographers.

Meitu vs BeautyCam

Now we will do a brief comparison between Meitu and BeautyCam and find out which app will be the best for Editing purposes. Both Apps are owned by same Parent company “Meitu”.

User Interface & Experience of Meitu vs BeautyCam

The Meitu interface is sleek, intuitive, and accessible for users of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. The interface is straightforward and provides tools for photo editing, creating collages, and exploring AR features.

The navigation is straightforward and easily identifiable icons and a clean layout. The interface of Beauty Cam is vibrant at the camera and dynamic, focusing on real-time editing. They open directly to the camera, providing many filter options to apply before taking a photo. The menu is simple to navigate and quickly accessible to beauty filters and stickers

Editing Features

Meitu offers comprehensive editing tools for both simple and advanced levels. These tools make skin smooth, brighten eyes, and reshape facial features. These tools also crop, rotate, and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more Water color, sketch, other artistic filters, and various template and freestyle collage options. These are premium options which can be used for free in Meitu Premium Unlocked Apk

Beauty Cam emphasises AI-driven editing, with features such as real-time beauty filters, AI makeup, theme filters, and tap enhancement. The beauty filters apply while taking the photo, and virtual makeup tools allow users to create different look themes categorised for season, mood, and events. They also automatically enhance photos with a single tap using AI algorithms.

AI & AR technology

Meitu integrates AI and AR to provide AI beautification, AR stickers and AI stickers. Beauty Cam integrates AI and AR with AI beauty analysis, makeup, and filters.

Social media sharing abilities

Meitu allows users to direct share edited photos or videos on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Meitu built a community where users can share their connections and follow other users.

Beauty Cam allows instant sharing of photos and videos on social media sites. It will enable collaboration with brands, companies, friends and influencers by sharing editable files.


In comparison, Meitu vs BeautyCam both apps are excellent in different areas, which makes them suitable for various user preferences. Both apps offer unique features with varying aspects of photo and video editing.  You can use or choose between them according to their need or requirements because both apps provide many features and tools with different aspects that ensure the user can achieve stunning results.

Meitu owns couple of such apps including snow, if you want to read comparison of meitu vs snow then check it out. i have done a brief comparison between the two.

Yes, for Android Beauty Cam is available in the free version.

Yes, the Meitu app offers a free trial for a limited time, but you can get your Meitu MOD APK with premium features free of cost.

Yes, Beauty Cam is safe, and it makesensuringy to secure user information.

According to me Meitu is an all rounder with self explanatory Ui/Ux. Go for meitu and if you are not satisfied simply switch to the BeautyCam

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