meitu vs remini image representation

Meitu vs Remini

In the early days, people faced the problem of taking good-quality images and editing them when their pictures were taken with less lightning effect or were slightly out of focus. But now it’s straightforward; everyone can use this technology because of the best editing apps available. So it becomes challenging to choose which is better and which we should choose. We will see a difference between Meitu and Remini in the following discussion to resolve this confusion.

meitu vs remini image representation

Meitu vs Remini overview

Primarily focus on beautifying portraitPrimarily focus on quality and old photos
Have a wide range of beauty filters to enhance image appearance.Using AI technology to improve image quality and resolution
Sufficient storageLack of storage
Add beautyRestore blurry old photos

About Meitu

Meitu is a Chinese technology founded in 2008 in China by Xiamene and developed by Wu Xinhong. Its first mobile version was released in 2013. Meitu primarily focuses on portraits, giving them a vibrant look with high-quality editing, numerous filters, effects, magic effects, collage templates, and body reshaping options.

About Remini

In July 2019, Bending Spoons ( a digital technology product developer that includes image editors and video editing tools ) launched Remini APK. It is well-known in the editing world for its unique editing features. The Remini Pro version has a unique feature with AI technology that converts ordinary images into extraordinary spotlights. It performs many tasks automatically, such as removing blurriness, changing old images into new ones, fixing their sharpness, and making them clear quality.

Meitu vs Remini Comparision

Meitu and Remini are well-known editing apps, but they have different features and different numbers of users. We are doing this Meitu vs Remini post to give you a better prespectiveon which is te better app. Meitu is specifically for photo and video editing, and Remini restores old blurry images with AI technology. Meitu has retouching features with other tools and a wide range of simple to advanced filters, effects, and makeup touches to make the picture clear, unique, and beautiful.

Remini is also an editing software. It transforms your blurry photos and videos into high-quality ones and gives them an excellent professional look. This MOD version upgrades old images into new ones using AI technology to sharpen and enhance facial features.

Critical differences Meitu vs Remini

User Interface

The Meitu app is designed for mobile centers, primarily for phones and tablets, so it has an easy and user-friendly interface featuring a touch screen. When you open the app, all tools are presented in a proper layout, whether you want to take a shot or select a picture or video from the gallery to edit.


Meitu is a very user-friendly app with a wide range of filters, effects, and editing tools that allow you to create uniqueness in an image. The app offers a wide choice of editing filters and beautifying tools, and it is easily accessible to those without editing experience.

Remini APK is AI-based, so it works automatically by using AI technologies like cropping, adding more pixels, removing blurriness, sharpening the image free of cost, and enhancing the image quality.

Both apps are good in their own right and perform well according to their features. Meitu focuses on image editing, while Remini focuses on image quality. Meitu has unlimited filters, editing tools, and effects for adding beauty to an image. Remini mainly uses AI techniques to recover image quality and resolution.

Filters and effects

The Meitu app has 200+ filters and effects for editing photos. Meitu offers beauty filters that smooth skin, whiten teeth, enlarge eyes, and polish facial features. Artistic filters add creativity to photos, such as painting, sketching, etc. Color filters adjust brightness, tone, saturation, and contrast to create images with dim or bright looks.

Remini does not offer a wide range of filters; its main purpose is to improve image quality. Here is a feature that enhances the image resolution and changes it from low quality to high quality. Users can change the face, color, and environment to improve the image resolution. After uploading the image, the quality is automatically enhanced by adding more pixels. Improving image resolution is a remarkable feature of the Remini.

App availability

Meitu is available on Mobile, Android, iOS and Pc. It can easily be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store on Android devices. Its download rate shows user trust and its broader base in the editing field.

Remini is also available for Android and iOS devices. You can download Android devices from the Play Store, while for iPhones, you can use the App Store. One of the best features of Remini is that it works on multiple devices using the auto-syncing method.

Editing tools

Meitu offers a comprehensive set of editing tools to enhance the editing and beautification of photos. These editing tools make the visuals unique and beautiful. Meitu has numerous tools:

  • Beauty tools
  • Filters
  • Retouching
  • Stickers
  • Texts
  • Collage maker

Remini has unique tools such as a photo/video enhancer, paint, portrait, coloration, face animator, and D-scratch.

Pricing Meitu vs Remini

Meitu yearly cost is $31. 49, while Remini’s annual fee is $59.88. Both are good choices according to the needs and features they are provided. Meitu is a good option if you want to do something other than professional graphic design.

(Tip) Meitu Premium MOD APK is a free app with unlimited editing tools and features. If you cannot afford a yearly plan, the MOD APK version is a better option. Download it and enjoy all the features for free.


Hopefully, I have provided all the information about Meitu vs Remini. So, go with your needs and choices. I use the Meitu app in my daily routine. Whenever I have to remove fades from my images or want to recover shaken old photos, I prefer Remini because it is a good software for enhancing the quality of image work on an AI algorithm.

Frequently asked questions

Remini is an excellent option to restore your old blurred images.

No, it does not work offline. To make your photos professional, you must have access to an internet connection.

Yes, because Meitu is the best app. It offers various filters and effects that make the edits unique and beautiful.

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